CSC is the first recognised blended learning centre in Romania. CSC exists to provide more family choice in education, and to link distance learning to a safe pastoral environment managed by professional teachers. It means, in essence, that students can pursue home-schooling but they no longer have to learn alone in domestic isolation. We are specialists in delivering and supporting UK curricula.

Our students meet and learn alongside other young people from different international backgrounds, experience essential social interaction, and do so on a full or part-time attendance basis. Our average daily attendance is eight to ten students, but we occasionally have more.

A programme of trips out, and visiting guest speakers helps to augment our educational offer, and stimulate more real world learning choices.

CSC is now in the fourth year of operation. We are looking to further expand our roll and can now accommodate up to sixteen students daily on either a full or part-time placement, across the age span 9-18. We always welcome enrolment opportunities for new students. So if you are interested in permanent or hot-desking possibilities, do contact us.

We also benefit from a second tech-friendly classroom space, along with a science prep room.  We are looking forward to building on our initial successes of 2017-19, and to provide further guarantees of our instruction provision.

We also provide a growing volume of online tuition to individual students or small groups. You may find out about this service by contacting us. We receive a lot of subscribers through our affiliate Re-Design Education. We currently reach out to teach students from Bucharest, Galati, Braila, Timisoara, Deva, Sibiu, Medias and Targu Mures. Our present audience of students come chiefly from Romania, UK and Germany.

CSC is also affiliated to the International British School of Bucharest (IBSB) the original Cambridge examination centre in Romania, but our students may enrol as external candidates at any recognised Cambridge centre.

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