A day at Cluj Study Centre

As in every week day, I wake up at 8.30 in the morning, thinking about what new things, and especially explanations will be introduced in my life through this learning system. A normal school day for me was a simple day, with constant mechanic learning, and rarely true understanding of the subjects.

Since I’ve been introduced to this system, my perspective of the subjects that I needed to learn has totally changed. I began to understand every lesson, and to apply the facts that I learned to my daily life. The way I understand and see things now is much more advanced than it was in the previous years, when I attended formal school, and I am sure it’s not just because of time and the fact that I grew up. I have friends who tell me how hard their learning system is in school, how much they need to work at home and especially that they don’t understand what they’re meant to do with all the information. Since this year began (and I began learning on this system) it happened to me that I could explain to my friends different subjects and topics. It sounds ridiculous for a 15
year old to discuss about school with friends in his free time; but for me school began looking as more: learning and understanding the basics of life. It is like I create daily a better version of me, with more knowledge.

The way I study things now allows me to create my own perspective of how life works and allows me to understand what’s around me. I have more freedom like this, I  understand subjects way better and I got the ability to think much more further than I did in the past. I can begin my day positively, and stay concentrated.

As I arrive at school, I usually have 30 minutes to set up before study begins. Most of the time I set up my laptop prepare the subject I have for the first lesson, and then I have 20 more free minutes when I play various games with my colleagues. A little bit of sport, even if it is not serious but just as games, kind of wakes me up in the morning. Especially table tennis. It makes me be positive about what will come across your day. Of course after doing this, my lessons begin. Because of the atmosphere in the class, I kind of have the ability to be way more productive than in a normal school, or even at home. After 1 hour of work, we get another short, 15-minute break when again we can free our minds playing different games. We continue with private study for an hour and then we have a lesson with a teacher – either Maths, Science, English or History. After this lesson we have the lunch break, which allows us to kind of revise everything we’ve learned, in our minds. In the afternoon, we have two different lessons, each of one hour, with a teacher.

This is a normal school day at C.S.C. In my opinion, it is the best possible learning system at this age.

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