Let’s Play English!

summer school
We transform summer school in games school!
You would like to spend your summer holiday with your grandparents, or at the seaside or at the mountains, but you are stuck in Cluj? Come with us in an imaginary voyage, in an adventure where you can be the fantastic hero.
We will explore the land of imagination through story telling for a better command of the English language. We will play detective with historical mysteries and will play hide and seek around the globe.
8th July to 12th July   and   15th July to 19th July.
From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
At CSC classes, Strada Fagului, no 13.
Who for?
Children aged 11 to 16, who have at least level A2 in English.
Mainly by playing games. Here is an example of day structure:
10 – 11 – Games
11 – 12 – History Mystery
12 – 13 – Geography hide-and-seek
13 – 14 – Lunch (we do not provide lunch, but we do have a kitchenette)
14 – 16 – Board games
The whole programme is delivered in English.
Costs: 150 euro / week

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