Our partners :

lo_go.jpg                  Re-Design

Re-Design and CSC have the same mind about the path of education for a well balanced society of the future.

Re-Design / CEREHARD and Cluj Study Centre both started in autumn 2017 and we endeavour to bring a change in the face of education in Romania. CEREHARD is the only institution in Romania accredited by Penta as EOTAS and offers a multitude of possibilities to local families who consider homeschooling or unschooling.

Related image  International British School of Bucharest

is a small, friendly and happy school with a strong sense of community. Respect, tolerance, creativity, and independent learning are a priority at IBSB based on the belief that a good education is not only about exam results, but also the emotional and social development of our children.

1337f4f (1)    Cross Frontier Education

CFE was established in 2008 as a consultancy service for schools and education institutions inside Romania, both state and private. It has also assisted in successfully advising and placing students into prestigious UK universities. CFE is dedicated to the promotion of education improvement for students and teachers, and has given meaningful support to a number of leading international schools.