Our students are following the National Curriculum of England and Wales* that leads to Cambridge International Examinations (IGCSEs and AS / ALevels).

What distinguishes us from other education providers in the hinterland is the student-centered approach. Our students are taught to take responsibility for their own learning from a younger age through blended learning.
There are six blended learning models and CSC offers combinations of each to cater for students’ requests.
1: Face-to-face: Teachers deliver most of the curriculum in face-to-face classes. They also produce online resources to supplement or revise course material, which students can study at home or in the classroom.

2: Rotation: Students rotate between a period of face-to-face tuition and a period of online study. In some case, online study may be done at home.

3: Flexible: Most learning is done in an online environment. Face-to-face teaching is still available, but for small groups or individuals on an agreed needs basis.

4: Online lab: All course material and teaching is done online but in a physical classroom. Teachers interact with students online through pre-recorded videos, audio and video conferences or discussion forums and email.

5: Self-blend: This is a fully individualised model in which the students take selected online classes. While the students will still attend some face-to-face classes, most of the learning is done online.

6: Online driver: Students work mainly online from home and come into school for optional or required face-to-face classes.

Blended learning has a number of incremental benefits and these advantages are more important than appears immediately obvious, impressing positively on students, teachers and the mechanics of the learning process. Learners become more actively engaged through employing a swathe of content types: video, audio and visually enhanced presentations are included in a blended learning course designed to help keep learners stimulated and to ensure that all material is easily digestible; something that is not always the case in the orthodox classroom.

*NC Structure