University Corner

Are you a Romanian student seeking placement into a leading UK university? We can give you expert personal advice on how to apply through UCAS, how to build and write the optimum CV and personal statement to secure the best university location. With 130 British universities to choose from, we can help walk you through the maze.

If you are seeking professional counselling and a close and personalised support service for your UK university application, please seek out our advice. We are Romanian-based British educators with over thirty years’ experience in guiding students successfully into British universities. In the past few years we have guided many Romanian students into leading brand UK universities. You can read the testimonials from some of our successful candidates. We offer a service which is considerably less expensive than other providers.

We start with the 5Q’s:

  • What to study: choosing the right degree course
  • Where to study: choosing the best university
  • How to apply: what are the steps on the ladder
  • Who can help me: Cluj Study Centre can do this!
  • When to begin: is a gap-year best?

We then advance onto the 5T’s:

  • What should be in your portfolio?
  • Who will write your academic reference?
  • How to construct a powerful personal statement (letter of intention)?
  • Where to balance living with learning; understanding the critical 2L approach
  • When to navigate the UCAS system?

Where do you begin? You contact us! Two simple steps for immediate action:

1: Have a first look for your proposed degree course (undergraduate or postgraduate). Here:

This table of UK listed universities may help guide your choice:

2: Contact CSC to begin tailoring your coherent and comprehensive application process.


Oana Pacurar

BA Hons (victor ludorum) International RelationsCity

University London, 2015-18

There are really not enough words to express my gratitude for all the invaluable lessons, constant guidance and sincere encouragement I have received from Mr. Hingley over the years. He has been the strongest supporter in my educational journey, helping me not only gain a place at a leading UK university but also building my career and finding a full-time job since graduation. There are so many things I would like to thank him for, I am not sure I could possibly include all of them here. In all the years we have been in touch, he has taught me everything from how to write my personal statement and how to complete my UCAS university application, to how to improve my Curriculum Vitae to ensure I enter a top-performing university. He is a constant source of inspiration, motivating all his students to dream big, then work hard to attain those dreams.

As a teacher and headmaster, he guided us steadily and corrected our mistakes frankly, helping all of us gain a deeper understanding of the world we inhabit. He is a strong advocate of fairness, and he always enables each student to voice out their ideas confidently and passionately. There is never a dull moment when Mr. Hingley is around, as he constantly challenges his companions to question the status quo and think one step further regardless of the question at hand. Not only is he a true source of wisdom, but he also made the extra effort to write a unique letter of recommendation for every single one of his students, which once again proves his sincere dedication and above and beyond attitude towards education. He teaches with all his heart and always makes learning as convenient and palatable as possible. I have never met a teacher who dedicates so much of his time, heart, and thoughts to educating young minds. He always ensures all his pupils are on the right learning path and attends to each student on both a personal and professional level. It is this type of teacher that make lessons memorable and school feel like a second home. Thank you, Mr Hingley.

Oana now owns and manages her own business in London

Andrei Berghianu

BA Hons First Class (Victor Ludorum) International Relations and Economics Birmingham University, 2010-13 MSc Managerial and Financial Economics, HEC Paris, 2014-2016

Having someone like Julian by your side during an immensely stressful period of your final years of secondary school – applying to university – is of tremendous added value, as it was to me, for a number of reasons.

As an expert in British education, Julian is a trustworthy partner who can steer you through what at times feels like an obscure process. Having overseen hordes of students who went on to study at the very best universities during his time as headmaster of several prestigious schools, he knows the process inside-out. In addition, Julian grasps not only the application process, but what is beyond it – his intricate knowledge of higher education in Britain allows him to offer tailored advice to prospective students seeking to choose universities or degrees that are most suited to them.

Julian also makes sure that the quality of your application is at its full potential. Considering the overwhelming competition for entry into UK universities today, a thorough personal statement may be equally as important as one’s grades. Here is where Julian truly excels – he can guide you towards a statement that is both robust and full of substance. During my own application process to my master’s degree, Julian was invaluable to my delivery of a balanced, authentic and yet powerful personal statement which got me into both LSE and HEC Paris.

Finally, it’s great fun to work with Julian, as his wit and sense of humour are unparalleled. He has been a mentor throughout my school years and has remained so years after I left Romania to pursue my education.

Andrei is now a strategic consultant with Roland Berge


Andrei Dragoiu

BA Honours Degree in Drama and Theatre Studies, Leeds University

I thought I would never have an academic interest in studying history; when our geography teacher left the school Julian took over that department as well. It was the first time I had any interaction with him, and soon enough I was also coming in on Saturdays for a deeper insight into his teaching methods. For me, it was more about the way Julian approaches teaching than what is actually being taught – it is something unique that I had never experienced until meeting him, and have never experienced it since.

When I decided to apply to universities in the UK, the first person I turned to for help was Julian. His experience of running so many schools was invaluable in what actually makes a candidate stand out from the rest. I still remember the opening sentence we used in the personal letter like the first sentence of a great book.

Following the application process, Julian guided me through preparing for my acting auditions at some of the best Drama Universities in England – he lent me books and explained Shakespeare in a way that made it both interesting and easy to understand. This is important, seeing that except for a one year GCSE Drama Course, I never had any experience with acting and dramatic texts and always stayed clear of Shakespeare. The way he put it, being a Headmaster is a bit like being an actor anyway. His knowledge of the English language ensured that I delivered a great monologue from Richard III, because when first I read it I didn’t understand much of it. With a bit of context and history, I even realised that Shakespeare might just be worth studying for my own pleasure as well. Julian was also there to assist me with my telephone interview, ensuring I kept calm and talked about all the important parts we had discussed beforehand. It has been a pleasure working with him and I must say that for anyone who has no idea how UK universities work, Julian offers the best chance of getting accepted. It then falls to students to just listen to him and do their job – study.

Vlad Pop

BA Hons Psychology, City University London, 2014-17

I was lucky to have met Mr. Hingley when I was still in high school, and had no idea to which universities I wanted to go to after graduating. He was very helpful and assisted me in forming the list of five universities I was going to apply to, by providing several insights and tips about many universities in the UK. Having narrowed down the list, it was time to write my personal statement, the most important item in the university application.

Mr. Hingley made me think about why I wanted to study psychology, how did high school help me to study psychology, and why did I want to study in the UK at those particular universities. I produced a first draft, and with his constant feedback, helping me tailor my ideas into a good composition, I ended up writing 12 drafts, until I had the perfect personal statement.

No one enjoys receiving criticism, but Mr. Hingley’s suggestions were clear, and accurate, and to-the-point. His continuous feedback and challenges helped me write with clear purpose. I remember him saying ‘say what you mean and mean what you say’.

My application was ready and I finally submitted it to the universities. I got offers from all the universities I applied to, and went on to study my Bachelor’s degree in London. After graduating, I decided to apply for a Master’s degree in London. I had to write another personal statement, but thinking about how I wrote the first one, made writing this one way easier. I’m very grateful to him, and would highly recommend Mr. Hingley as a mentor.

Vlad is now reading for an MA in War Psychology at KCL.